Hamburg Strings

Their concerts are a synthesis of virtuosity, dedication, and years of performing experience.

About us


The chamber orchestra Hamburg Strings, founded in 2007 by Anna Preyss-Bator, is an elite ensemble enabling some of Hamburg’s finest string players to express their creativity and their love of chamber music. All of the players are active in Hamburg as soloists, chamber musicians, and as members of professional orchestras. This gives the group the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide range of repertoire.

The performers’ goal…


… is to combine the highest artistic standards with a deep love of music making. The Hamburg Strings are at home wherever enthusiastic fans of music and culture can be found. The ensemble is led from the first desk of the violins as was common in the 18th and 19th centuries – the position from which Mozart, Haydn, and many other others led their ensembles into the history of music.

The Hamburg Strings today…


…build on this tradition, drawing on the instrumental competence, virtuosity, and years of experience of the regular members of the ensemble, which consists of four first violins, three second violins, three violas, two cellos, and a double bass the ensemble can be enlarged as necessary. In addition to Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Grieg, Elgar, Tchaikovsky, and others the Hamburg Strings have a special interest in the tango-influenced works of Astor Piazzolla. This mixture of “temperament, melancholy, seduction, charm, poetry, and deep despair” fascinates the members of the Hamburg Strings. The ensemble shares the magic spell and Argentine spirit par excellence of this music with its audiences in thoroughly considered, authentic, and spirited performances.

During the last years…


…several concert tours brought the successful ensemble apart from Germany to Poland, Spain, Italy, Iran and South Korea.
2015 Decca Records London has included a live record from Hamburg Strings into their actual complete edition for the 100th Year of death of A.Skrjabin.

Hamburg Strings present…


“Court Music”
The glory of European court life. Works by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart provide examples of the Baroque and Classic treasures from the noble houses of the 18th century.

“The Magic of the Romantic Era”
String serenades for dreaming – The world of the romantic string ensemble with works by Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, and Elgar.

Solo masterpieces extending from Bach to Shostakovich – a festival of virtuosity in which the orchestra and renowned soloists flourish in their best form.

“Latin Fire”
A special program that begins with the Argentine tangos of Astor Piazzolla and is devoted to the entire range of World Music written for string ensemble.

“The Magic of Film Music“
A concert program in tune with the spirit of the times: a skilful juxtaposition of classical favorites with the world-famous, unfogettable melodie of film musik-from “Moon River” and “Casablanca” to “Chicago”; from “E.T.” to “West Side Story”, etc

“Tango Argentino”

A brillant program based entirely on the original tango music of Argentina and Uruguay. The arrangements were appropriate and authentic, with bandoneon, voice, tango dancers and strings