Ovations for Hamburg Strings. Hamburg Ensemble Offered Thrilling Program



Geesthacht (gux)

(…) The “Hamburg Strings“ opened their concert with a rousing version of Vivaldi’s Concerto in D minor. Mozart’s Divertimento in F Major and Elgar’s romantic Serenade in E minor for string orchestra followed, in performances displaying excellent ensemble playing and dynamic gradation as well as a deep affinity for the music. Then the fun began: with “Libertango”, “Oblivion”, and “Adios Nonino” by Astor Piazzolla, the ensemble conjured up the spirit of the Argentine tango. (…)

Monday, 25 February 2008 – “Bergedorfer Zeitung”

“Hamburg Strings” with Humor and Conviction. Standing Ovations for Concert in Haus im Park



Bergedorf (gb)

(…) The “Hamburg Strings” first performed Two Elegiac Melodies (op. 34) by E. Grieg: sentimental yet restrained and with a marvelous sense of ensemble. There followed the allegro “Saltatio vitae et mortis” by Ewelina Nowicka – played by the composer herself. Sparkling, full of humor and rhythmic invention, spiced with mildly dissonant elements (…)

The series of tangos by Astor Piazzolla that followed were like spring’s awakening. The “Hamburg Strings” made the most of this exciting mix of bold harmonies and fiery tango rhythms. (…)

Monday 11 May 2009 – “Bergedorfer Zeitung”

The “Hamburg Strings”… exhibited soloistic talent paired with rich experience in a transparent and dynamic display of ensemble playing…



(…) the Hamburg Strings then dedicated themselves to the four movements, “Las Cuatro Estaciones porteñas” inspired by Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”; in a fiery performance, the string players exhibited soloistic talent paired with rich experience in a transparent and dynamic display of ensemble playing (…)

(…) Anna Preyss-Bator led her ensemble from the first desk of the violins. The long-time concertmistress of the Hamburg KlassikPhilharmonie knows how to animate her colleagues with a tangible feeling of identification with Piazzolla’s mixture of temperament, melancholy, seduction, charm, poetry, and deep despair. Syncopations, unexpected harmonies, and wild glissandi from the whole ensemble made compositions like “Tres Minutos con la Realidad”, “Introduccion al Angel”, or “Che Tango che” into fascinating pieces for the listeners (…)

(…) Kabulski connects the sometimes extremely virtuosic and brilliant passages and soaring melodies with a spicy, bouncing sense of rhythm. Such diverse hits as “Oblivion”, “Ava Maria”, “Balada para un loco”, or “Adios Nonino” acquire in addition to elegiac pathos a character which is both hopeful and joyous (…)

(…) the soloists also contribute to this mood of intense, profound feeling, led by Anna Preyss-Bator or the cellist Tadao Kataoka. At the end, Kataoka introduced the famous “Libertango”, where in this arrangement the Bajan player’s melodies float dreamily above the ensemble. Wild applause at the end (…)

Monday, 12.07.2010 – Landeszeitung, Lüneburg

The “Hamburg Strings” in a brilliant performance under the direction of Anna Preyss-Bator…



(…) With works by Henry Purcell, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Astor Piazzolla, the Hamburg Strings, under the direction of Anna Preyss-Bator, performed brilliantly in a most unusual location: Mercedeshaus – which proved to be a splendid venue, both optically and acoustically, for first-rate classical music. More than 200 listeners cheered the technical perfection and enormous  stylistic range of this extraordinary ensemble (…)

20.09.2010 – Weekly Newsletter “Rotary Club”

(…) From the opening bars, the first-class string players whom Anna Preyss-Bator has brought together unleash a musical energy that grips the audience and sweeps them along (…)

(…) Anna Preyss-Bator leads her ensemble from the first violin desk. She communicates with the musicians using her motivating smile, giving cues with her eyes, her head, or her entire upper body. In this way, she is able to assure an individual and appropriate interpretation of both the Dvorak waltzes and the elegiac melodies of Grieg and to make sure that the members of the ensemble are superbly attuned to each other (…)

Tuesday, 26.04.2011 – Amrum News, by Susanne Kühn

“Hamburg Strings: Ensemble Combines Professionalism and Entertainment”. Bergedorf Music Days



(…) The dust that sometimes clings to classical chamber ensembles was effortlessly brushed away by the Hamburg Strings, for they interpret pieces of many different epochs in a highly modern fashion. The combination of masterful solo passages in the violin with stimulating dissonances and precise ensemble playing was fascinating (…)

(…) The star of the evening was the Bayan soloist, Daniel Kabulski. His fingers danced effortlessly across the keys, joining in a meditative dance with Mr. Kataoka’s cello. Following two encores, the audience rose in a standing ovation for this highly professional string ensemble (…)

Wednesday, 31.10.2012 – Geesthachter Anzeiger,by Gabriel – Lauenburger News-Reinbek, by Hana Scheltat

“Classik Meets Mercedes”



(…) The audience listened intently as the members of the Hamburg Strings played with devotion and technical perfection. The orchestra’s love of the marvelous music was visible. At the end, sustained applause, the listeners inspired by this exquisite musical treat (…)

(…) The musicians were not only instrumental virtuosos, but also masterfully played with the emotions of the listeners. A magnificent musical delight (…)

Wednesday, 31.10.2012 – Geesthachter Anzeiger,by Gabriele Kasdorff

“Standing Ovations for Superb Classical Musik”



(…) In the Vattenfall Information Center high above the Elbe, the audience was treated to an exhilarating mixture of musikal moods, sometimes peaceful and contemplative, sometimes devilish and magical or sensuel and spirited (…)

(…) A display of musical fireworks that spoke to the listeners intelligence and emotions in equal measure. The applause that seemed as if it would never end, the standing ovations and beaming faces inspired by the musik and the marvellous performance of these full-blooded musicians, led to a wonderful encore (…)

Friday, 01.03. 2013, Geesthachter Anzeiger